Dear Kitties & Doggies,

           The elves at the Santa Paws workshop are busy making treats & toys for all of the good furry girls and boys. The North Pole Post Office is also receiving letters from pawrents asking to put their furbabies on the nice list. However, sadly, there are some pets who don’t know that they can get on the list yet. That is why Mrs. Claus and I need your help!

         To share the exciting news, we’ve created a team of Elffiliates that will spread pawliday cheer and tell their furends that Santa Paws is coming this year. We’d love it if you would help us reach every pet this pawliday too! 

          Just tell us your elf name to join the team and we’ll send you a magical link to that will take your family and furends to the North Pole, where they can get on the nice list!

          As a way of saying thank-you for all of your hard work, the elves will give you a little elf money for every furend you help get on the nice list! You can spend it anyway you’d like. You can give it to your pawrents to buy you more treats and toys or even donate it to your favourite rescue!

If you have any questions, we’ve attached a few FAQ’s below.

We can’t wait to learn your elf name! 
Love Santa Paws & Mrs. Claus


What is my job on the Elffiliate team?

Your job is simple! Spread pawliday cheer to all of your furends far and near!

How do I spread pawliday cheer?

Once you join the Elffiliate team, you will receive an email with a magical link to the North Pole. You can then share your magical link with your furends through email, text & social media. Every time your link is clicked, a report goes back to Santa, letting him know that you are working hard to get pets on his list this pawliday!

What happens when I spread pawliday cheer?

Every time a pet gets put on the list through your link, the elves will give you a 10% commission as a thank-you for spreading pawliday cheer!

We have a business, can we still join the Effiliate team?

Yes, of course! Your customers and clients would LOVE to know that they can get their furbabies on Santa’s list!

How do we collect our elf money?

After the elves have figured out the exchange rate between ELF & CAD. They will send you an e-transfer of your earnings by December 15th.